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Open Edition Prints

Prints of original paintings and Monoprints.  All Prints are created using quality materials including fine art paper and they are printed to order. so please allow at least 7  days for dispatch.

​Each of the flowers carries a symbolic meaning according to the Victorian principles of Floriography so that you can create a gallery wall which says more to you than just flowers. 

Snowdrop: Symbolise hope and new beginnings, Buttercup: symbolise s cheerfulness and happiness, Bluebell: symbolises gratitude and humility and everlasting love, Dandelion: symbolizes resilience and adaptability, Daffodil: Symbolise rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life Celandine: symbolizes joy and positivity, Wood Anemone: symbolizes anticipation and patience, Primrose: symbolizes young love and innocence Cow Parsley: symbolises elegance and delicacy, Narcissus: symbolize s rebirth and renewal

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