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Landscape Paintings  - Cornwall - Birdscapes!

These are some of my most recent landscape paintings in an ongoing project exploring the Cornish countryside and coast. 

I started moving more towards the landscape that support out precious wildlife in 2020, when the roads fell silent during lockdown 1 I realised even more how our existence impacts on the wildlife.  So leading on from the Language of birds wild bird paintings which are inspired by the experience of seeing wildlife in our often tumultuous world prior to the pandemic, I began to focus more on the environment which supports the wildlife that I appreciate and love to celebrate 

The distant flock of lapwings whilst passing an estuary, or standing under a cloud of 200,000 starlings and trying to ignore the roar of the busy rush hour road close by; the hectic human landscape of wind turbines, power cables, plastic, and roads ever present, navigated daily by our wildlife. 


This will be an on going project particularly focused on 4ish  "Birdscapes" that I visit regularly.  I hope to record the changing seasons, colours and wild visitors throughout 2022/23 and beyond maybe traveling outside of Cornwall now that this is once again possible. 

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