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Charity Sales of Paintings & Illustrations

Tawny Owl Wildbird Watercolour Painting.
Goldfinch Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Cuckoo Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Buzzard Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Wood Pigeon Wildbird Watercolour Paintin
Raven Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Starling Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Barn Owl Wildbird Watercolour Painting
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (23)
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (16)
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (15)
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (9)
Wildbird Watercolour Painting (12)
blacktailed godwit.jpg
xnov Herring gull copy.jpg
13 shag copy.jpg
13 heron copy.jpg
sketches (3).jpg
sketches (4).jpg
5hare 1 copy.jpg
1 Owls (2).jpg
20 Wren copy.jpg
11 coot copy.jpg
26 barnacle goose copy.jpg
11 Starling 1 copy.jpg
11 singing Starling copy.jpg
11 starling 2 copy.jpg
20 Robin copy.jpg
28 Black grouse copy.jpg
28 Capercallie copy.jpg

I have completed a number of Challenges, I find them great to get me back into the discipline of daily drawing, they push my ability to draw on demand forwards for a variety of reasons.

June/July 2019 

We managed to raise £300 for a local bird hospital selling the paintings I created during my June 30 day challenge.


September Challenge 2014

Following the success of my charity auctions for my daughter Ellie and the Meningitis Research Foundation. I devised a little challenge for myself....I planned to paint 30 small paintings in 30 days. I succeeded! 

I made them affordable and had the potential of raising £300 for charity (we actually raised £560).  The challenge started on the 1st of September 2014.  All the paintings went out to my priority mailing list as soon as they were completed and I also posted them on facebook before the end of the day.  The paintings were sold with a percentage split between my 3 chosen charities, A local Bird Hospital, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Compassion in World Farming. 


November Challenge 2014

This was the second 30 Day Challenge that I devised for myself....Last time I planned to paint 1 painting a day for 30 days this time it was to be 3 a day.  I know I am a little crazy but it was supposed to be a challenge and there wasnt another 30 day month until April! 

Most of the paintings sold  I raised £900 for the charities  (A Local Bird Hospital, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Compassion in World Farming).  


My last challenge was 100 things wild in November of 2015 in which I made 100 paintings in 100 days.  Below is a sample of the paintings I made.


This year I am combining my challenge of 30 Paintings in 30 Days with the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild Campaign... the paintings will be shared each day on social media...any encouragement will be very welcome... !


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