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MA: Illustration: Authorial Practice

A body of work produced whilst studying for my Masters in Authorial Illustration at Falmouth University

My work throughout the course considered the relationship between humans and animals and culminated in an installation of 7 paintings collectively entitled The Beautiful and The Damned. 

Statement:  One hundred years ago in Cincinnati Zoo on the 1st September at 1pm the death of Martha marked the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon.  The Beautiful and the Damned is a body of work which explores, celebrates and questions the relationship between humans and animals from a personal perspective.   I consider the ways in which animals are currently treated and represented and also contemplate new ways of thinking about them.  

Steve Baker in Picturing the Beast says “the idea that civilisation is founded on a disregard for animals, a denial of their pain…comes as no surprise. The challenge is to devise those ways of looking which will most effectively bring the animal into the visibility that it is currently denied”.

I am happy to say that I attained a distinction in 2014 from Falmouth University.  

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