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Impressions of Nature  -  Monoprinting Nature Journal Project

Materials links, Booklets and more about the project

Here are the step by step downloads, online Tutorial and list of materials below, with product links on Amazon. I hope you find them useful as a starting point, but please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Botanical Monoprinting both books.jpg
Botanical Monoprinting 1-1.jpg
Botanical Monoprinting2-1.jpg
Printing Leaves with Children-1.jpg
Botanical Monoprinting2-1 - Copy.jpg

Materials for Monoprinting


Here is a list of Materials with links to products on Amazon as starting point.


Inks – I am using Cranfield – Caligo Safe wash ink (either etching or relief ink I use both)



 Yellow Ochre

Process Red Magenta

Process Yellow

Process Blue Cyan

Burnt Sienna

Essdee metallic inks


you can also use Akua

Set of inks

Or Speedball

or Scola ink

You can use traditional oil based inks or oil paints and acrylics at a push if its all you have but you don’t get the detail and if you are working with children poster paints do work.

For Fabric Printing Speedball Fabric printing ink Black , White  or a set of 6

Surface A smooth non-porous – I am using a sheet of glass but it can be a piece of Perspex or a laminated sheet. Or these monoprinting sheets

Roller/Brayer   I like the black Essdee roller  

Or this one

And for a soft fabric roller I use this one but you can use other types of printmaking rollers or a household sponge roller if that’s all you have (or with children) but there will be a reduction in detail.

Paper  I am using cartridge paper 220 gsm white this one is similar or Black  

but you can use any smooth textured paper which is not too thick (220 gsm or less) printer paper is fine to start with.


Cloth or wet wipes – to keep clean


Something to print with, leaves flowers etc.

Decorations wooden disks

You can buy the inks from Jacksons Here and and the Roller are HERE  you will receive a 10% discount if you are a new customer 

More about the Impressions of Nature project 

The process of taking prints from plants has been used by botanists as far back as the 1700s.  However for us it began as a collaborative project in 2002 casting and printing objects found on our smallholding. It was a wonderful way of documenting and celebrating our time in that particular environment.   We were fascinated by this intricate details of plants and leaves which tend to go unnoticed. 

Using an extensive range of printmaking and casting processes we became obsessed with transforming natural objects into precious art objects. We researched poetry, folklore and symbolism which emphasised the greater meaning and intrinsic importance of natural history and relationship  with humans.  In 2022 I decided to commit to a year long nature journal making prints of the plants around my home and gathering research about them.  They have become part of an ongoing publication which I hope to realise in 2024. 

Nature Journaling has been a vital part of my life in recent years helping me to connect with the natural environment and celebrate the ever changing seasons, bringing it back to treasured moments examining a leaf structure or days wandering in a woodland.  It has also focused my engagement with the natural world and encouraged me to look closer and learn more about the individual plants that I find.

When gathering plant material it is always vital to do so responsibly most of my flowers and foliage are collected from  own garden and usually when their flowering period is coming to an end. If you would like to try this further information on responsible foraging can be found HERE Wildfood UK and HERE Woodland Trust  

A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (17)
A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (18)
A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (16)
A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (1)
A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (4)
A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (7)
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