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Paintings, Drawings & Printmaking - Celebrating Nature

Inspired by the experience of being out in the landscape, watching wildlife, seasonal changes and transformations in our often tumultuous world. Celebrating my joy at a glimpsed flock of lapwings whilst passing an estuary, standing beneath a cloud of 200,000 starlings, the distant call of Curlews across a muddy river inlet, the first snowdrop, the wonders of each new season.

I am  fascinated by the intricate and symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, which has inspired centuries of poetry, storytelling, myths, and folktales. I try to interlace this understanding into my work, through nature journaling & research which are an integral part of my creative journey.

Daffodil Monoprint
esturary sketchs
lino cut with mono print (3)
Oystercatcher Painting
20231027_151748038_iOS 1
Hayle Esturary painting
Copy of A4 fern monoprint 30 x 40 12 x 16 mount (2)_edited
lino cut with mono print (1)
Herring Gull painting
lino cut with mono print (2)
Hayle Estuary with gulls
Barn Owl Painting
Contemporary Cornish Landscape Painting
lapwings Painting
Curlew Painting
Gull Painting
Cormorant Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Swallows Painting
Barn Owl Painting
Barn Owl Painting
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