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Welcome to the Latest Newsletter

Winter Trees & Thrushes

I hope 2024 has started well for you,  Its an interesting time of year for printmaking but due to mild conditions this year I have still been able to find plenty to work with.


This month you have a choice of gifts… if you would like to try printing the Winter trees using a Gelli Plate you can download and print the images I have used I have also included simple instructions. There is also a Skeleton leaf Monoprint to download together with the February Booklet based on Winter Trees & Thrushes with lots of poetry and information.

Please click the buttons below to download this months free gift with my compliments.



There has been much activity in my studio trying to get a second online tutorial  ready for those who have already completed the first one but I always underestimate the time these things take and so I hope to have it ready for my next newsletter. It will be restricted to those who have already purchased the first in order that you get a thorough understanding of the basics before moving on so if you feel that you would be interested you can begin your journey below.  


If you would prefer to learn in a written format the books are all still available, I am working on a print version but again its taking me a little longer than I would like… so in the meantime you can download them below.

My little YouTube Channel has been growing steadily which is lovely to see I am trying to post some longer films, my walks from where I get all of my inspiration  and sketch tours onto it.  So hopefully you will find it a little more in depth.



My Shop is now open again for cards at least and will be updated in the middle of the month with some new Monoprints and Illustrations.  The Cards are all 15 x 15 cm and look lovely framed in a little group so I am offering a 20% discount on all card purchases of 5 or more.


Spring Exhibitions


I have some of my monoprint in a lovely spring Exhibition in the Gallery at Gorgeous Trelissick Gardens near Truro.  Hopefully this photo will also give you an idea of the way the Botanical Monoprint work in a group, if there is ever anything you like the look of on Social media do let me know and I will let you know if they are still available.


Have I missed anything?  Hopefully most things can be found somewhere on the website but if there is anything I can help you with don't hesitate to contact me and  if you would like to see anything in particular please do say.


Until next time… Thank you for following along and very best wishes



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