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Multi Layer Botanical Monoprinting

  • 11Steps


Multi Layer Botanical Monoprinting: Is an extension to the first Step by Step Botanical Monoprinting Online Tutorial which should be completed before taking this course. You will receive a £15 discount for this tutorial when you purchase (and start) the first. This online Tutorial has 11 short videos which go through the process of printing with multiple layers with and without using an etching (or intaglio) Press. All of the ideas I work with can be created with or without a press, it is an intuitive process in which I build up layers and make compositional decisions as I go. I critically analyse my own work whilst discussing ways in which I could improve it. I talk through the materials, foliage and papers I will be using, You will also get our Step by Step book two.  I have been a Professional artist, printmaker and lecturer, for over 20 years and I hope you will enjoy taking your printmaking to the next level with me in this self-paced advanced masterclass which you can keep returning to for at least 12 months after purchase. I recommend that you listen to the course and allow it to generate ideas for your own printmaking, using colours and foliage which are particular to yourself and the season that you are working in. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

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