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Happy New Year 2022!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

As the new year gets going, I seem to be spending sometime reflecting and as my exhibition at the Old Coastguards has just finish it feels like a good time to have a thorough look at where I have meandered over the last few years and what I will explore in the future.

If you would like to download the catalogues to the exhibition they are here at the bottom of the page where you can also see some of the work exhibited.

One of the new areas of exploration for me has been printmaking onto experimental, abstract monotype backgrounds, they have been exhibited at the wonderful Cornwall Crafts Association Gallery in the grounds of the National Trust Trelissick Gardens

You can see more of this work here on my website

After a brief break over the festive period my Winter Studio Sale is now open again… the 30% sale discount will continue until the end of January. You can purchase direct from the website or you can visit my Studio by appointment during January.

I have added a few new prints to my website including our lovely Desmond the Sheep if you would like to have a browse.

My Newsletter has just gone out to my mailing list and included the monthly free zine ebook this time based on the Coot, if you would like to read it you can join the mailing list HERE and you will receive a link to the book. You will then get a newlsetter every month with an ebook for as long as I do them and its all free.

Here is a poem from this months

The Coot by Mary Howitt 12 March 1799 - 30 January 1888

Oh Coot! oh bold, adventurous Coot,

I pray thee tell to me,

The perils of that stormy lime

That bore thee to the sea!

I saw thee on the river fuir,

Within thy sedgy screen ;

Around thee grew the bulrush tall.

And reeds so strong and green.

The kingfisher came back again

To view thy fairy place ;

The stately swan sailed statelier by,

As if thy home to grace.

Cut soon the mountain-flood came down,

And bowed the bulrush strong ;

And far above those tall green reeds,

The waters poured along.

“And where is the, the Water-Coot,”

I cried, ” that creature good ?”

But then I saw thee in thine ark,

Regardless of the flood

Amid the foaming wave, thou sat’st.

And steer’dst thy little boat;

Thy nest of rush and water-reed

So bravely set afloat.

And on it went, and safely on

That wild and stormy tide;

And there thou sat’st, a mother-bird.

Thy young ones at thy Bide.

Oh Coot! oh bold, adventurous Coot,

I pray thee tell to me,

The perils of that stormy voyage

That bore thee to the sea!

Hadst thou no fear, as night came down

Upon thy watery way.

Of enemies, and dangers dire

That round about thee lay?

Didst thou not see the falcon grim

Swoop down as thou passed by?

And ‘mong the waving water flags

The lurking otter lie!

The eagle’s scream came wildly near,

Yet, caused it no alarm?

Nor man, who seeing thee, weak thing,

Did strive to do thee harm?

And down the foaming waterfall.

As thou wast borne along,

Hadst thou no dread? Oh daring bird,

Thou hadst a spirit strong!

Yes, thou hadst fear. But He who sees

The sparrows when they fall;

He saw thee. bird, and gave thee strength

To brave thy perils all.

He kept thy little ark afloat;

He watched o’er thine and thee;

And safely through the foaming flood

Hath brought thee to the sea.

As always if you would like any back copies of the Tales from Hillside Farm, bird of the month ebooks, cards, prints or original artworks please pop over to my website and if you don't see what you are looking for do feel free to ask.

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