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A Creative Response to the Natural World.

I feel I have to do something as a result of looking...

I try to create work which reflects a thoughtful and considered engagement with the natural world and the broader landscape, the influence of the geographical environment on the mind, mood and sense of wellbeing, the way in which it affects us...

My research interests are held together with an inescapable and continual attempt to create a dialogue around the human/animal relationship and the natural world, against a backdrop of a society in which the distance between them seems ever increasing.

I try to engage in thoughtful projects such as the 'Ghost of Gone Birds' project at the Migration Festival in Camden and the PAN project. These highlight endangered wildlife and speak of the way in which humans impacted on their lives often instrumental in extinction. I like to support charities such as The Mousehole Bird Hospital, Compassion in World Farming, RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts who do an amazing job in raising awareness, protecting and helping birds and animals locally, nationally and internationally.

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